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Importance of Good Nutrition

Importance of Good Nutrition
Importance of Good Nutrition

Importance of nutrition: - Nutrition is very important for our daily activities. Nutrition is very important for avoiding diseases and for healthy living.

The nurturing of nutrition: Nutrition is fuel for the body. Nutrition is necessary for the body to walk, increase and repair. Protein, fat, and carbohydrate, etc. are nutrients. For a healthy life, it is necessary to have the right amount of nutrients.

Protein: - Protein is a helpful nutrient for the growth and development of the human body. The protein produces body cells ie muscles. All the processes of our body need different amounts of proteins at different times.

The body uses the protein all the time. Therefore it is necessary to fulfill it. Body like fat and carbohydrate cannot store the protein. Therefore, to stay healthy and healthy, it is necessary to take protein daily in the diet.

Protein Diet: - Milk, curd, eggs, soybean, meat, fish, etc.

nutrition is important

Carbohydrate: - Carbohydrate provides energy for the daily activities of our body. Besides providing energy, there are others.

Our body requires energy for all activities. Even we need the energy to walk and breathe. Our daily
The energy required for the requirements is glucose. Our body gets glucose from the starch and sugar that was eaten in our diet.

During the process of digestion, starch and sugar are broken into sugar by the help of insulin. Then glucose enters the cells of the cells. If there is a high amount of sugar in the food then it is stored in our muscles, liver and other parts of the body which later becomes converted into fat.

Diet with carbohydrate: - Porridge, pumpkin, sweet potato, banana, and brown rice, etc.

Fat: Fat is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Fat provides essential fatty acids that are not made by the body. This fatty acid is obtained from us through food. We need linoleic and linolenic fatty acids. These fatty acids are important for controlling swelling, blood sugar, and brain development.

Fat serves as the body to store extra calories. Fat is also important for the source of energy. Our body uses calories made from carbohydrate at the time we exercise, but after about 20 minutes of starting exercise, our body becomes dependent on fat calories.

Fat diet: - Ghee, coconut, oil, etc.

Importance of nutrition for exercise

Importance of nutrition for exercise
Importance of nutrition for exercise

The right amount of exercise and regular nutrition is necessary for exercise. Without proper nutrition, exercise does not have any effect on the body and we do not get the desired results.

What to eat before and after exercise

Before Exercise: - Pre-workout meal is right between 20 to 60 minutes before exercise. The pre-workout meal provides energy to your body while exercising.

You can take a banana, oatmeal, brown bread, and black coffee in a pre-workout meal.

After exercise: - It is appropriate to take a post-workout meal between 20 to 60 minutes after exercise. Post-workout meal Recovers the body's Damage during exercise.

In post-workout: meal you can make brown rice, curd, almonds, egg whiteness, wet protein and protein bars.

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