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The Beginner's Guide to Weight Training

The Beginner's Guide to Weight Training
The Beginner's Guide to Weight Training 

Basics in Weight Training for Weight Loss

Find out the doctor. It's great for people who are overweight by personal trainers on the reality shows, but you need to make sure that you do not have the underlying medical reasons for not doing regular exercise, especially if you are imminent for many years. Your doctor can assure you about this.

Continue further during the non-practice activity. Studies have shown that overweight and obese people get reduced during everyday activities. This may be the result of excess weight, or it may be the cause. In any case, it is likely to have a vicious cycle. Additional casualty movement is an important factor throughout the day to establish the basis for weight loss.

Come on, walk, walk. If you feel this you can mix it with slow jogging, but for at least 40 minutes to move faster, your goal should be six days per week. You can do it on a sidewalk, on a sidewalk or in the park.

The Beginner's Guide to Weight Training 

Perform three dumbbell weight sessions. You have easy access to weight training gear in the gym, where free weights and machines are ready. But the gym can be easily raised dumbbell or at home Try to easily keep Dumbel in the house so that it is easier to pump a few dozen repetitions during interaction or TV, video or music. Check out the initial resources to get familiar with how weight training works

Have a circuit training session each week. My circuit training program combines Dambel weight with rapid movement between each exercise. Use my circuit program and modify it to slow it down, so that you can complete at least three circuits. This is designed to work you to a certain extent, so give it your best shot. You will breathe heavily and you should break a sweat.

Eat a healthy diet. Your diet needs to be restricted to calories so that you lose fat while providing the necessary nutrients and enough energy to fuel your activity program. Here is the basis for a healthy diet for this program:

  • Eat moderately low fat, high fiber diet while keeping animals fat low.
  • Throw refined carbs like biscuits, cakes, sweets, sugary drinks, and white bread.
  • It is okay to maintain a nominal low carb diet, but do not lose as a popular low-carb diet such as South Beach Diet or Atkins Diet. Make sure the fat you eat is good fat. Include less fat dairy instead of full-fat milk, yogurt, cheese or soy alternative.
  • Choose whole grain bread and grains, and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds.
  • Select lean, low-fat meat or vegetarian options.
  • Eat food fast, and choose healthier options when available.

program schedule

The program's weekly program is here. Walk in 6 days; Take one day away. Use dumbbells, or other weight at home or in the gym.

Days 1 to 6 days: Walk at least 40 minutes at low speed or one who breathes heavily, but does not breathe. If it is tailored to you, then split the session, but try to maintain the intensity.

The second day: Choose 8 Dumbel exercises from the Dumbel program, and set 3 of 12 practice repeats. If 8 exercises at once are too much, then divide it into 4 exercises for two separate sessions.

day 3: Do Circuit Training Programs

Day 4: Walk for 40 minutes.

Day 5: Repeat the performance dumbel program on Day 2.

Day 6: Repeat the Dambl program performed on day 2.

Day 7: Walk for 40 minutes, or take a rest day.
Do not forget to control your food. But remember: Very few calorie diets are not suitable, because you will leave the muscle (and bone) and your metabolism will be slowed, which makes it difficult to start normal food again during weight loss. Apart from this, you will not notice the essential nutrients of your body.

Mystery for success

Get as soon as possible. If you do not meet your goals for the day, do not worry so much, only to start each one of the sessions allotted for the start week. Be determined, start slowly, and improve performance week in the week.

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